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calligo / Nov 24, 2012
Our very own Calligo is a huge asshole. Just as I am, I hope everyone else is very scared of him. Even if you don't like it, we need you to check the website once every day, mainly because Calligo will beat you up and it'll be here where the news is and here where you can get all the new updates.

We hope this website will bring all members together and socialize a lot more, so post as much as you will, as long as it's something wow related or guild related, something we can all use and/or have a laugh about. If you have anything to share with rest of the guild, please do it here and everyone else will hopefully comment on it and we can have a blast.

We will also update the calender here, so if you can't login at work and your boss tells you to work an hour more, and you won't be home in time, you can always decline on the calender or make a post about it here on the forums.

The purpose of this, is too create a good and social guild and raiding team, where we can also have fun outside of raid times. We really want everyone to have a good time while playing wow. Remember, we all started and are still playing wow, because it's fun and entertaining + we have friends online we love to talk with and will do so for a looong time and that's what we're trying to create through this website, friendship and an awesome guild!

I wanna welcome everyone to the website and hope you'll use it as much as I will. Have a nice weekend and let's own up some bosses Sunday Evening.

Best regards, Xeudius (Please call me Alex).
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